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With over 20 years of proven excellence, we pride ourselves in providing a worry free experience. Locally owned and operated, our quotes are highly competitive, with outstanding quality, no hidden surprises, and quality workmanship by our experienced installers with excellent warranties on all products.

KV Custom Windows and Doors

Visit our showroom at 488 Riverview Drive, Unit #8 in Chatham Ontario to see feel and operate the various door styles.

Many standard features not available on other door systems:

  • Steel OR fibreglass entrance doors
  • Wide variety of decorative glass designs
  • Wide variety of classic glass styles
  • Wide variety of door/sidelite styles
  • Heavy duty ball bearing hinges
  • Security bar standard on most entrance systems
  • No visible screws in door sweep or door lites
  • Compression or magnetic weather strip
  • Standard, low profile, outswing or wheelchair sills
  • Outswing door systems available

Create your own unique door look:

  • Over 25 decorative glass options that may be substituted in any decorative glass design
  • Choice of 6 Caming Finishes
  • Choice of 4 hinge finishes
  • Choice of 3 weatherstrip colours
  • 24 Premium KV Custom Windows and Doors Paint colours or choose you own CUSTOM colour
  • Choice of a wide variety of quality North American Schlage hardware (knobs, levers, gripsets, deadbolts)

Door System Combinations

Single Door

As suggested and is most commonly found in homes, a single entrance door that is available in a wide variety of solid door panel and glass options.

Double Door & Garden Door

By industry definition the Double door system includes two door panels, both operating, with one side a ‘primary’ operator (used all the time) and the other a ‘secondary’ operator (used occasionally, often to create a large opening for moving furniture in and out).

Garden doors include two door panels, one operating and one fixed, and offers a sliding screen for maximum ventilation. Often chosen as an alternative to a ‘patio door' system (see below).

Door/Sidelite(s) Combination

One or two 'sidelites' may be added to a Combination entrance door system (or even to a double door system). Sidelites can be 'standard panel' (standard glass sizes built into a door panel which is built into the wooden sidelite frame) or 'direct glazed' (glass options are built directly into the wooden sidelite frame). Sidelites offer much needed sunlight to the entrance, as well as aesthetic beauty that can speak volumes about your home.

Door or Door/Sidelite System with TRANSOM

Combining a shaped Transom above your door system can make your entrance system absolutely ‘pop’ in the eyes of the beholder. Transoms are available in a rectangular shape and a variety of other 'shaped' choices (half circle, elliptical and other).

KV Custom Windows and Doors Glass Styles

Browse through the various KV Custom Windows and Doors styles of glass below. We are not limited to the KV Custom Windows and Doors collection, KV Custom Windows and Doors are also able to provide almost any decorative glass option available!

Fibreglass Entrance Doors

"All of the steel entrance door styles and glass options described above are available in a fibreglass door system - for those who want the benefit of a wood grain appearance without the maintenance of wood."

Patio Doors

a. "Winridge" Patio Door System

A premier wood frame, vinyl clad, sliding patio door system. The Windridge patio door will give you years of maintenance-free performance.

Some of the great features include:

High performance glazing system
Interior and exterior finishes
Security bar, guardian and kick lock
"Twin lock" is a standard feature of all KV Custom Windows and Doors patio doors offered by C.W.

b. "Pavillion" Patio Door System

The Pavillion patio door is a high performance all-vinyl design to give you years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Some of the great features include:

High performance glazing system
Interior and exterior finishes
Security bar, guardian and kick lock
"Twin lock" is a standard feature of all KV patio doors offered by C.W

Door styles and shapes

  • Door System Basic Styles: ie. Single doors, Doors with sidelite(s), Door(s) or Door/Sidelite options with TRANSOM, Garden Doors, Double Doors
  • Door 'Lite' Sizes and Shapes: A door lite is simply the door glass built into a PVC vinyl frame that is inserted into your chosen door ‘panel’ or door system. Includes half lites, 3/4 lites, full lites, small rectangles, ovals, large ovals, transom shapes and even custom size rectangles with your choice of grills!
  • Solid Door Panels: Choose from a wide variety of solid door options from the Classic and Executive collections.
  • KV Custom Windows and Doors Glass Options: Choose from a beautiful variety of decorative glass styles, as well as clear, venting and mini-blind glass options.

Door Lite Sizes and Shapes

Half Lite Typically 22” x 36” in size.
3/4 Lite Typically 22” x 48” in size.
Full Lite Typically 22” x 64” in size.
Narrow Lite Typically 8” wide 36”/48”/64”.
Small Oval A beautiful architectural shape adding that special aesthetic look.
Large Oval As it suggests, a larger oval alternative providing a very special look to your door system.

Your front door says a lot about you!

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