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With over 20 years of proven excellence, we pride ourselves in providing a worry free experience. Locally owned and operated, our quotes are highly competitive, with outstanding quality, no hidden surprises, and quality workmanship by our experienced installers with excellent warranties on all products.

KV Custom Windows and Doors

Visit our showroom at 488 Riverview Drive, Unit #8 in Chatham Ontario to see, feel and operate the various window styles.

KV Custom Windows and Doors - Window Features

  • Meet or exceed all industry standards
  • Available in all styles of windows
  • Include an outstanding, transferable warranty
  • Offer 25 Exterior colour options
  • Available with a wide variety of decorative grill styles, patterns and finishes
  • Available as the 'Northern Wood Windows' real wood interior windows - available in four species of wood (oak, mahogany, maple and pine) - casement and awning styles only
  • Casement awning and fixed windows are available in both classic and colonial style
  • All windows are custom made to your size and specifications (some size limitations apply to each style of window).
  • All operating windows include window ventilation screen.

Individual Window Styles


The KV Custom Windows and Doors Casement window opens outward with a smooth turning operating handle. This high performance window features the tightest seal available in an operating window line. Available in both a 'CLASSIC' and 'COLONIAL' look, offering elegant choices for any style of home.


KV Custom Windows and Doors Awning window offers a similar look to the Casement. It offers the same type of vast unobstructed view and tight seal, but has a special top-hinged outward opening design.

Double Hung 'Tilt In'

The KV Custom Windows and Doors Double Hung 'tilt in' window offers complete ventilation flexibility with operation of both the top and bottom sashes. Both sashes 'tilt in' to your home for the ultimate in cleaning ease and convenience. The 'Block and Tackle Balance' system provides smooth operation along with unparalleled reliability and longevity.

Single Hung 'Tilt In'

This attractive, well built window offers a fixed top sash and a smooth operating bottom sash that tilts in for ease of cleaning. As with the double hung tilt, the operating sash features a Block and Tackle Balance system.

Double Side Slider 'Tilt In'

The KV Custom Windows and Doors Double Side Slider 'tilt in' window provides ventilation flexibility with two operating sashes. Ease of cleaning inside the home is assured with both sashes 'tilting' in.

Single Side Slider 'Tilt In'

The Single Side Slider 'tilt in' window offers one fixed sash and one operating sash the latter of which tilts in for cleaning convenience.

Double Side Slider 'Lift Out'

KV Custom Windows and Doors Double Side Slider Lift Out window offers flexibility of ventilation with both sashes operating. Both sashes 'lift out' for ease of cleaning inside your home.

Single Side Slider 'Lift Out'

The Single Side Slider Lift Out window offers one fixed sash and one operating sash, with the latter lifting out for cleaning convenience.

Basement Double Slider 'Lift Out'

Specially designed for basement applications, this excellent Double Side Slider Lift Out window features two operating sashes that lift out for ease of cleaning and a narrower frame structure to allow for maximum glass area in windows that are often small in size.


KV Custom Windows and Doors fixed windows come in three frame styles - low profile, casement fixed sash (high profile available in both Classic and Colonial designs) and hung/slider fixed -to assure a complementary look in combination with any of the individual operating window styles described above.


KV Custom Windows and Doors Architectural fixed windows (often called 'shaped' windows) fixed windows are offered in a wide variety of shapes, including: half rounds, circles, ovals, elliptical, cathedral, ellipse, cord, triangle, trapezoid, octagon and several others.

Combination Window Styles


A Bay Window typically has three window sections, two narrower windows (one on each side) and one wider center window, most often a 'fixed' window. This style has a 'head' and 'seat' that project out from the house wall. Available in 30 degree and 45 degree angles.


A Bow Window typically combines four or five equal width windows, along with a 'head' and 'seat' that project out from the house wall. Can include a variety of individual window styles - most often some combination of 'casement' and 'fixed' windows.


Comprised of two or more windows coupled together into one larger combination. A variety of window styles may be incorporated.

Northern Wood Windows

This truly unique product is available in casement, awning and casement fixed sash style of windows. The Northern Wood Windows features the longevity and reliability of a vinyl frame, but with a quarter inch thick covering of real unfinished wood on the interior. Four species of beautiful wood - Oak, Pine, Maple and Mahogany are offered. Available in a stained factory finish or unfinished for that special room(s) in your home!

Window Decorative Options

KV Custom Windows and Doors Window Systems offer many aesthetic options to complement you home and truly make your home stand out:

  • Your choice of 25 premium Exterior Paint Colours.
  • Two Solid Colours (same colour in and out) - white and cream.
  • All KV Custom windows may be ordered with Internal Decorative Grills in a range of profiles, colours/finishes and patterns.
  • KV Custom Windows and Doors even offers Simulated Divided Lites that replicate the look of small individual panes of glass.
  • Privacy Glass (obscure) options in five stock patterns.
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